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The Popup option creates a modal JavaScript dialog box. It opens when the text link in the Popup action form is clicked and it allows you to specify the width and height of the dialog box.

Create Popup Action Form

The popup option includes the same steps as the Inline and Own Page options. The only difference is the specifications for the width and height of the dialog box. The results are also similar to the Inline and Own Page options documented on Separate Web Page, except for the popup effect and the size variations for the action form.

  1. To create a popup dialog box, select the Popup(modal javascript dialog) option from the Open Form In drop down box. This option is identified with the green arrow on Figure 1.

    • When the option is selected the Dialog Width and Dialog Height text boxes appear. They are identified with the blue arrow on Figure 1.

    Figure 1: Displays Dialog Width and Height fields

  2. In the Dialog Width text box enter the width and in the Dialog Height text box enter the height. These are size specifications for the pop up action form. You can set the height to 0 if you want to automate the size. Note that these are pixels.

    • The next steps are the same as the Inline and Own Page options. You can edit the Page text field and insert script tags in the Initialization Javascripts field if you choose to.

    • Use the steps in the Own Page documentation to edit the Page text and Initialization Javascripts fields.

  3. When you are done, click Save. It may take awhile to save the changes.

    • When the changes are completely saved it will return to the action form. The action form looks like the Own Page and Inline layout action forms. It should have the text description and the text link.

  4. Click on the text link in the action form to open the popup action form. It should look similar to Figure 2, based on the width and height specifications. The height for this popup action form is 400 by 300.

    Figure 2: Displays Popup Action Form

  5. To close the popup box, click on Cancel or X.

    • The popup action form will close and return to the action form module.
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