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Display Mode Example

This example demonstrates how to create a pop up action form using the Popup (modal javascript dialog) option.

  1. Select the Popup (modal javascript dialog) option from the Open Form In drop down box.

  2. Then input 400 in the Dialog Width text field to specify the width and 500 in the Dialog Height text field to specify the height.

    Figure 1: Identifies Popup Option

  3. Now scroll down to the Edit Template link below the Page Text field to edit the sample text in the Page Text field.

  4. Then click on the Edit Template link, identified with the green highlight on Figure 2, to open the Edit Page text Editor.

    Figure 2: Identifies Page Text Field

  5. In the Edit Page text Editor, click on the Rich Text Editor option, identified with the blue arrow on Figure 3.

  6. Then select the Design option, identified with the green highlight, below the Page text field.

  7. Then click in the Page text field and change the text to: "Click on the link below to open the popup action form on this page". Keep the Access this resource default text link.

    Figure 3: Displays Edit Page Text Editor

  8. When you are done, Click on the Save button below the Page Text field.

    • The Edit Page text Editor closes and return to the Popup page on Step 1. You should see these changes in the Page text field.

  9. Now scroll down, below the Initialization Javascript text field and click on the Save button.

    • Additional javascript code is inputted in the Initialization Javascript text field. If you put it in the main text editor it will get stripped.

    • When the changes are saved it will return to the action form page. You will see the text changes in the form.

  10. Click on the Access this resource link, identified with the blue arrow in Figure 4. This will open the action form.

    Figure 4: Identifies Access this Resource link

    • The Access this resource link will open the Popup action form that looks like Figure 5.

    Figure 5: Displays Pop Up Action Form

  11. To close the action form click on the X at the top of the popup box or the Cancel button at the bottom of the form.
    • The form will close and return to the action form main page.