Form Builder

The second step for configuring the form is Form Builder (Step 2: The Form). It allows you to customize the form layout, appearance and field settings. 

Important: When the form is submitted, each field is converted into a token that can be used for emails, queries and so on. The token is given by the field name under General settings and the format is [FieldName] (notice the square brackets).

Layout and Appearance

On this From builder screen there are five options for customizing the Layout and Appearance of the text fields for the action form. These are Title, Form Align, Label Position, Label Column Width, and jQuery Theme field properties.  Figure 1 shows these as they appear on the Form Builder (Step 2: Form) page.

For additional information on layout and appearance, go to the Layout and Appearance page.
Figure 1: Displays Layout and Appearance Properties

Form Fields

Form Fields for the action form is located below the jQuery Theme dialog box. These fields are used to create the action form. You can add, remove, enable, disable and customize form fields.

The main configuration options are the Title and Type fields. The Title field is the label for the form. The Type field is a drop down box that specifies the input type required from the user, for example text, checkbox, etc. 

You can also reorder the fields with the arrow icon, identified on Figure 2. To remove form fields, select one or more and click the Remove Selected link at the bottom. These are identified with the blue arrow on Figure 2. You can expand all the fields with Expand All and collapse with Collapse All. The Enabled check box is used to include the fields on the action form.

You can customize the form fields with the General, UI Settings and Validations options. The General option allows you to name and assign values to the title. The UI Settings option allows you to apply CSS styles to the text field and the Validations option allow you to set required fields.

You can also insert your own fields with the Add Custom Field or the Add Predefined Field buttons. These options are identified with the purple arrow on Figure 2.

Go to the Field Properties page for additional information.
Figure 2: Identifies Form Fields

Security and Button Features

The Form builder page also have additional features to enable Security and customize the Cancel and Submit Buttons. These features are located below the Fields section and are identified on Figure 3.

Figure 3: Security and Button Features

To enable security features, check the Protect Form with CAPTCHA check box below Security. CAPTCHA is an encryption feature used to verify the user.
  • The security check box is identified with the green arrow on Figure 3.
The final step is to save the changes by clicking the Save button at the bottom of the page. When the changes are completely saved, the page closes and return to the main page.
For additional information on Security features, go to the Security page and for more information on Button features go to the Layout and Appearance page.