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Action form allows you to apply a security feature using CAPTCHA. It is used to verify that the form is submitted by a person and not a machine. This feature is located at below the Fields section at the bottom left of the Form Builder (Step 2: The Form) page. It is identified with the red arrow on Figure 1.

Figure 1: Identifies CAPTCHA Security feature

Enable CAPTCHA Security

  1. To enable CAPTCHA on the action form, select the Protect Form with CAPTCHA check box, identified with the red arrow on Figure 1.

  2. An image with a code and text box for the code is inserted at the bottom of the action form.
When you enable CAPTCHA on the form it inserts an image with a code as well as a text box for inserting the code. When the user enters the code it is compared with the code in the image. If the code is entered correctly the user is able to submit the action form. If the code is entered incorrectly, the form returns "Incorrect Security Code - Text does not match the image" error message, identified on Figure 2.

The code is case sensitive so the user must enter the code exactly as it appears in the image, for example if the user enters TnXt7g instead of TNxT7g, the form returns an error message, simply because the letter case does not match. The user is unable to submit the form until the correct code is entered. Each time the user enters an incorrect code a different code is required. The form is not submitted until the image code is entered accurately.
Figure 2: Displays CAPTCHA Security Feature