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Create User Account

Action form allows you to specify an action for creating user account when the user submits the form. To apply this action, the form must have at least an email address field. The action form sets the email address as the username. This option is only applicable for new users.

On the Submit Actions (Step 3: Resource/Action) page you will need to select the Should a new user account be created? action, identified on Figure 1. This creates a new user account. You can specify to use the email as the username, generate a random password, send standard DNN registration email or ignore errors.

Figure 1: Identifies Create User Account Action

Create User Account

  1. To create a new user account select the check box next to the Should a new user account be created? question, identified on Figure 1. The Create User Account window, identified on Figure 2, will open with a list of four options, specified on Figure 2.

  2. Select an option from the list, displayed on Figure 2.

    • The options are specified in the bullet list below.

  3. Then click the Save button at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

    Figure 2: Identifies User Account Action Window

User Account Options

The options for creating a new user account after the user submits the form, are specified in the bullet list below.
  • Use Email as username
    Select this option to create the user account using the email address provided. This option will use the email address if you do not have the username field on the form. If you do not want to use the email address for the user name you will need to provide the username field on the action form.

  • Generate random password
    Select this option to generate a random password. This generates a random password if you do not provide a password field on the action form. If you do not want to generate a random password you will need to create a password field for the action form.

  • Send stand DotNetNuke registration email
    Select this option to send the standard DNN registration email. If you do not want to send DNN registration email you will need to use the Email Template provided in the Should an email be sent to the user? option.

  • Ignore errors if user already exists
    Select this option if the user exists in the system. The user continues if the user authentication matches.