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Submit Actions Example

This example demonstrates how to request a Paypal Payment when the user submits the action form.

Open Paypal Payment Action

  1. The check box next to the Require Paypal payment before giving access to the resources or granting the access rights? action is selected on the Submit Actions (Step 3: Resource/Action) page.

    • The Paypal Payment action is identified with the green arrow on Figure 1.

  2. The Paypal Payment action window, displayed on Figure 2, will open.

Figure 1: Identifies Paypal Payment Action

Figure 2: Displays Paypal Payment Action Window

Specify Paypal Action Fields

  1. In the Sandbox Account Email field, is entered for the sandbox account email.

    • The Sandbox Account Email is the email address used to open the sandbox account.

  2. In the Live Account Email field, is entered for the Paypal live account.

    • The Live Account Email is the email address used to open the Paypal account.

  3. In the Recurring payment? drop down box, Monthly is selected to specify that a monthly payment is required.

  4. In the Currency drop down box, U.S. Dollars (USD) is selected to specify that the currency required is U.S dollars.

  5. In the Amount text box, 9.99 is entered to specify that the monthly payment required.

  6. In the Cancel Page drop down box, Home is selected as the cancel page.

  7. The Save button at the bottom is used to save the changes.

    • The Submit Actions (Step 3: Resource/Action) page closes and return to the main page.

Redirect to Paypal

On the action form the user enters the information displayed on Figure 3. When the user completes the action form and submit, the user is redirected to the Paypal website to complete the transaction.

Figure 3: Displays Action Form

  1. In the First Name text field the user enters John for the first name.

  2. In the Last Name text field the user enters Smith for the last name.

  3. Finally, in the Email text field the user enters for the email address.

  4. When the user clicks the Submit button, the form is directed to the Paypal website, displayed on Figure 4. The user is required to login to complete the payment process.

    Figure 4: Displays Paypal Payment Description


    • On the Paypal login screen the details of the payment is summarized in the Description text box, identified on Figure 4. The Subscription Fee, Terms of payment and Amount are specified.

    • Notice is populated in the email address field. The user's email address only populates in the email address field if the user has a Paypal account, otherwise it is blank.