Tracking and Reporting

Action Form is able to track and report submitted data from the form. Tracking and reporting is managed and configured on the
Tracking and Reporting (Step 4: Tracking) page, displayed on Figure 2. You are able to save a report in a database, send email notifications to recipients and post form data to a URL.

Open Tracking and Reporting

To open the Tracking page you will need to insert the action form module on the required page. The action form module is avt.Action Form. To insert the action form you will need to follow the directions on the Getting Startedpage.
  1. To open the Manage Action form, click on the Manage option on the action form. The Manage option is identified with the green arrow on Figure 1. You may also select the Access this resource link, identified with the blue arrow. The Manage Action Form page will open.

  2. When the Manage Action Form window opens, select Tracking and Reporting (Step 4: Tracking), identified on Figure 2.
Figure 1: Displays Action Form

Figure 2: Displays Tracking and Reporting (Step 4: Tracking) page

The Tracking page specifies three options for managing and configuring submitted data. They are specified in the bullet list below.
  • Save Report in Database
    The Save Report in Database option allows you to view and download current reports for specified dates.

  • Send email notifications to a list of recipients
    The Send email notifications to a list of recipients option allows you to send email notifications using an email template. You have the option of sending email notifications to single or multiple recipients.

  • Post form data to URL
    The Post form data to URL option allows you to post data to a specific URL. The form data are based on the form fields created for the action form.