Post Form Data

Action Form is able to post form data to a specified URL using the POST form data to URL option
on the Tracking and Reporting: (Step 4: Tracking) page. It allows you to insert your website URL and enter the data you would like posted. The URL and Post Data fields, identified on Figure 1 allow you to enter the relevant URL and data.

Figure 1: Displays POST Form Data Template

Form Data Template fields

The Form Data template includes the URL and POST Data text fields.
  • URL
    The URL text field, identified with the blue arrow, is used for entering the URL for your website. The field also accepts form tokens.

  • POST Data
    The POST Data text box, identified with the green arrow, is used for entering the form fields you want to post. Enter only the form fields you would like to receive data, for example if you only need the first name and email address, you can omit other form fields. Include only the required fields.

    When you input a field, put the key=value format. Key is any name you want to assign to the field, and value is the name assigned to the title field.  You can locate the name of the field by following the directions in the General option window on the Tracking and Reporting (Step 2: The Form) page. You may also use form tokens.

Text POST Notification

The Text POST Notification link, identified with the yellow highlight on Figure 1, directs you to a test page with the fields entered for the post data. It looks similar to Figure 2.

Figure 2: Displays Test Form Data