Save Reports

Action Form allows you to save reports in a database with the Save Report in Database option, identified with the blue arrow on Figure 1. This option allows you to view and download reports with the View Current Report link, highlighted in yellow on Figure 1. The link directs you to the Form Reports Page, identified on Figure 2.

Figure 1: Identifies Save Report in Database Option

Form Reports Page

The Form Reports page allows you to download reports for specific periods. You can specify a period to download by inserting the start and end dates. If you would like to download all the entries before the start date to the current date, leave the Start Date and End Date fields blank.
  1. To open the Form Reports page, click on the View Current Report link, identified with the yellow highlight on Figure 1.

  2. In the Start Date text field, identified with the orange arrow on Figure 2, enter the start date for your report.

  3. In the End Date text field, identified with the blue arrow on Figure 2, enter the end date for your report.

  4. Then click on the Download as CSV link, identified withe the green arrow, to download the CSV file.
Figure 2: Displays Form Reports page

CSV File

The CSV file should open in Excel or a software that recognizes CSV files. The file displays form data, form properties and system specifications for the user.
  • Form Data
    Form data include the data submitted by the user, for example first name, last name and address.

  • Form Properties
    Form Properties include specifics about the form, for example URL location, Date Submitted and Module Id.

  • System Specifications
    System Specifications include information about the users IP address and computer specifications.
You may also manage submitted data with the Post form data to URL or Send email notifications to a list of recipients options.